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Website creation & copyright

From concept to sustainable business, we can create a solid foundation that will grow over time. Please bear in mind the website does not have to incorporate everything the first time round, sometimes it is about putting the most important aspects in place, the content can be changed and adopted as your business evolves and grows and we can train you how to make simple changes such as adding the content or images.

If you haven’t got a website, before you invest your time and money in social media platforms, use the simple analogy of building your own home – your website is your home, and the outside social platforms are the doors, that should always lead to your independent space. In this way internal changes of social media rankings or procedures, introducing paid features will not affect you or have minimum impact on your online visibility.

Branding and/or re-branding

Choosing the name for your business /product line /services is an important decision, we can help you to make sure it is not only effective and attractive but also there is no clash with existing brands /trademarks.

We can also assist with domain registration, setting up & running associated social media sites.  

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