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Organic Marketing

what is organic marketing by MAREKETER

What is organic marketing?

Mareketer uses organic marketing as a cost-effective way to build a loyal audience for your business. Traffic originates from your business presence on the web that develops over time across multiple channels rather than paid per click campaigns. Creating a steady flow of relevant content showcasing your product or service in strategic positions will result in cohesive harnessing of your digital presence and strengthening market awareness for your business.

Long term results of organic presence

Unlike corporate groups, you may not necessarily have a large budget to plough into advertising campaigns and with recent economic & pandemic concerns we will make sure on your behalf, that every penny spent on your online organic presence (unlike paid per click campaigns) yields sustainable, long living results.

Finding company’s angle

We are unique in that we understand and can provide strategic long-term investment in quality content for your website, external networks and social media that is versatile and relevant to your company in a holistic way (all your web marketing requisites), thus resulting  in increasing the quantity and quality of the clients that find your website and invest in your products.

Website’s Search Engine Optimization – SEO

The pandemic has accelerated the digital revolution and even more people than ever are using the internet to make buying decisions. Getting yourself found in search results of powerful search engines such as Google for strategic phrases and key words should be your priority.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) of your website is important for your digital traffic and complements other marketing channels. Higher visibility and better ranking in search results than your competition can have a significant impact on your profits. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing use bots to crawl pages on the web, going from page to page, from site to site gathering information and putting them in an index. These algorithms are then examined by search engine to determine the order pages should appear in the search results for a given query. The algorithms constantly evolve and change and your relationship with search engines will have to be continuously re-nourished with key elements relevant for your audience.

Social media relevant to your business

Familiarity creates favourability, a recent research found that on page one of a search result, 80% of browsers selected a business that they are already familiar with, regardless of where they rank on the page. Introducing your brand organically to a wider audience and raising awareness of the brand, who you are, what you do and how you can fulfill the prospect’s needs will raise your competitive angle.  You need to become KNOWN before you are NEEDED.

We will look at each point of contact and determine whether it is a good representation of the brand and how it can be improved. The leap to social media can be quite overwhelming. There is a common misconception that you need to have a presence on every social media channel. This is not the case; you simply need to be where your audience is.

We will set up and manage your social media platforms and submit and operate the written content and photography,  in other relevant channels ensuring it is attractive to your customer and search engines.

Paid advertising campaigns (pay-per-click)

On request we can organize paid campaigns (pay per click) with Google or Facebook (or other channels) and your name will appear in their top searches marked as PAID ADVERTISING. Paid campaign will bring boost in traffic to your website for arranged period of time and set demographic, and you will pay per customer’s click.

Once the campaign is over the ad will disappear and you will no longer benefit from top searches. Placing an ad on Google or Facebook could be a predictable and consistent customer-generating tool for your business and in combination with organic (free of charge) presence can quickly generate new visits to your website.

Business consultant and marketing specialist – Polish market

Mareketer also provides marketing, administration and business consultancy for companies who wish to enter Polish market or address Polish audience. We will support you with local knowledge, SEO, English to Polish translation and copywriting. 

We can also help you to identify more efficient ways of running the business in Poland, prepare cost analysis and where savings are available we will determine the most optimal solutions for cost reduction.

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