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How to use photographs in online advertising


Use of photographs in online advertising –

A picture is worth a thousand words

A picture is worth a thousand words. It is important that the same care and consideration that is put into choosing our words is applied to imagery in search engines. We buy with our eyes therefore use of photographs in self promotion online is more important than ever.

MAREKETER ’s photographs are carefully arranged, rich in detail and convey both explicit and implicit meaning about your product and business. We know how and where to use it. We care how the image is protected from plagiarism and most importantly ensure the photograph organically promotes your business, even when you don’t spend a penny on advertising.

When we founded MAREKETER in 2015, our goal was to teach businesses how to promote themselves organically. Whilst paid per click campaigns on social media and google are a good strategy for fast, low value products or as a complementary exposure, building organic presence with relevant marketing content imagery will strengthen and benefit your business long term.

Case study Earthy Timber, luxury furniture designed by Artist AS Stawicki

One photo – one social media channel – 30 days – STATISTICS

665000 people seen it, 24 saves and 11 clicks to the website

The photograph also contributed to increase in number of followers on Pinterest.

No advertising, no costs just organic presence that quietly works behind the scenes strengthening your brand and increasing your profits for years to come

organic use of images in online advertising MAREKETER

Paid advertising relating cliches are most prominent in Google and social media representations that are used to accompany online marketing related news and features seen in countless articles, in online reporting and commercial advertisement;  and so it is very important that you recognise that paid per click advertising that disappears the very moment your campaign ends is not the only option and if not strengthen with organic presence, not the wisest strategy for your business.

Article by Anna Marek – Organic Marketing by Mareketer

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