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Mareketer – the family business

With over 14 years’ experience of establishing and running successful manufacturing business and building brands TREESOME, EARTHY TIMBER & AS STAWICKI and helping numerous companies in a creative field to establish their presence in the market, we realised our true love and job satisfaction comes from creating and strengthening the brands and helping the businesses to thrive. This is how the concept of extending MAREKETER services to help more businesses emerged.

In the past, before we started manufacturing and our luxury brand range, I was also business plan writer in the Bank for commercial and agricultural projects as well as handling marketing duties for the branch. I project managed for a marketing agency and ran finances for a manufacturing business until natural progression took me into starting our own manufacturing brands.

We have a natural ability to capture and convey the essence of the business into written content, photography and associated promotional endeavors.

With a degree in business and continuous self-development, we are experts in the practical matters of marketing and SEO (search engine optimization), this ensures the best use of the internet features yielding a long term, successful organic presence.

Our expertise extends to the formation and management of intellectual property, commercial photography, video creation, entry to national and international competitions and business plan writing.

We have the utmost respect and understanding for manufacturing, invention, sensitivity of intellectual property and understanding how day to day running of your business limits your time to concentrate on branding and shaping company image.

We can take this pressure away from your already full ‘to do’ list and help you to achieve your ultimate goal for a more profitable business and sophisticated, respectable company image.

My team & our approach

We are a family business with a talented team of experts. In-house management of your marketing needs ensures the cohesive message across all media channels.

We are quality not quantity orientated. Our customers’ portfolio comprises of limited, carefully selected businesses ensuring our utmost attention and dedication to your business. 

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