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Business plan writer

Should it be research for available grants suitable for your business, help with grant application, business plan writing or a loan application you need help with, we have 95% successful record of assisting companies with producing winning business plans that helped them to grow their businesses.

We will also be honest if we feel your application will not be successful.

Submitting entries to national and international competitions

Having potential customers see your product or services outside your website oozes credibility and authority in the marketplace. Being a part of industry specific competitions gives you a chance to share and network with other businesses and sponsors, strengthens the market awareness and opens you to media and press opportunities, which may lead to new customers and better brand awareness. 

We will work with you to find relevant opportunities giving you a chance to better publicity on regional and international markets.

Earthy Timber just been awarded 2nd place in the National British Innovation Award 2020/21 and honoured Best of British companies in previous year – what better example.

Business plan writing in Polish language 

Companies doing business in Poland may require support in liaising with Polish authorities or applying for grants from Polish government. We can assist your business in preparation of business plan in Polish and English, accentuating aspects of your finances and business proposal that will appeal to the decision makers.

Hire business representative in Poland

If you require a reliable representation to establish on your behalf:

– relationships in Poland

– start business,

– represent your company on trade shows and exhibitions in Poland 

business translations English – Polish

We will be delighted to assist you. Please get in touch via our contact form.

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