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Business Consultant in Poland – Polish Market Specialist

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Business Consultant in Poland, Polish Market Specialist

Mareketer helps companies and organisations successfully expand and trade in Poland, by setting up operations, expanding their reach to Polish audience, obtaining value from Polish resources and employee market. 

Cost effective, safe outsourcing – EU based

Poland is a stable country with well established trade and industry position, respectful of intellectual property rights and offering excellent value for money for those wishing to expand business operations or outsource manufacturing:

Average exchange rate in 2021: GBP 1 =  PLN 5.310

Average exchange rate in 2022: GBP 1 =  PLN 4.685

Average salary in Poland in 2022 before taxes is  PLN 5995 per month (GBP 1129)

Minimum salary in 2022 before taxes is PLN 3010 per month (GBP 566)

Establishing long term stable partnerships in Poland enhance capabilities as well as profits.

The reliability in terms of the quality is also one of the primary reasons companies move manufacturing to Poland. Majority of Polish employees have college degrees and can communicate in English.

Manufacturing in Poland

Poland is an excellent destination for business development, operation set up and reliable manufacturing overseas. The Global Best to Invest ranking (2019) established that Poland is in fifth place, after China, Germany, GB and India for successful investments in manufacturing out of the country.

Mareketer can help your business to set up the manufacturing operation(s) in Poland, find reliable partners to manufacture on your behalf (manufacturing outsourcing), set up service operations.

Benefits of setting up operations in Poland

Poland makes the perfect environment for production process, good infrastructure and access to Eastern material resources and Western and Eastern customer base. By outsourcing assemblies and other expensive manufacturing processes, you can dramatically cut the costs of your products and increase your margins. 

The main motivating factor for companies to move their production to Poland is to save money and excellent access to experts in various industries.

Poland is a stable country, a member state of EU and part of the EU single market.  What it means for an investor? It allows for free movement of goods, services, and capital between the member states.

Poland’s prime location in Europe

Poland is a member state of the European Union and part of the EU single market, therefore stable with its laws and policies.  Ideally located in the heart of Europe, with 38 million citizens, Poland is the largest central Eastern European country. Poland shares its borders with 7 other countries Germany, Czechia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Russia) and access to the Baltic Sea. As a result, investing in Poland means that you gain access to a 446 million EU consumer market.

Member of European Union and World Trade Organisation

Poland is a member of the EU and shares a single market, single external economic border, and the same trade policy within the World Trade Organisation (WTO). The rules of international trade are therefore stable and reliable. The EU also ensures an open trade regime and protects intellectual property rights.

Selling product or service in Poland

Growing number of wealthy and middle class consumers in Poland means that by extending access to your storefront, would it be online or phisical presence in Poland, you’ll add millions of potential new clients who haven’t yet had the chance to buy your produce.

How to enter Polish market – business consulting

Companies across a variety of industries and sizes use MAREKETER consulting services to grow their Polish market, build their brands and span geographical boundaries profitably. We advise companies, government organisations and charities how to align their values and thrive in Poland.

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